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On this page you will see represented a wide variety of printing approaches. Some are sophisticated and stately. Others are colorful and artistic. While still others are hot and explosive. In each case, our designers have attempted to produce the best possible image for the communication or product need, function and form. The tools available for this are more varied than in most forms of printing. Not only do we have stock color and ink color, we have stock type, sculptural three dimensionality and shape.

Our designers have the ability to translate your requirements into award winning labels capable of providing the highest level of targeted communication. It is always in your best interest to contact us early in a project so as to allow artists experienced with this broad range of capabilities to select the optimum printing techniques for you.

Take a few minutes to carefully view the labels and seals below. Read the information regarding the highlighted examples. It will tell you quickly and basically how they were printed. In seeing the range of uses exhibited by the examples and the range and combinations of printing techniques used, you can begin to understand the multitude of uses for this impressive form of printing. Imagine your products or communications with such a label or seal operating within the same environments as they are currently working. Would it make a difference? Would your customers feel you are providing them with a higher level of quality? In most cases the answer has been a resounding yes.

Samarkand embossed, gold foil
Bright gold foil with special hand-tooled sculpturing
Bright gold foil, opaque blue with red and yellow ink
Embossed silver foil
Embossed gold foil label on Kromecote stock. Hotstamped with gold and prism foil