About Us

Lasons Label was founded in 1960 by Bernie Lasiewicz, our dad. When he started the company, he had already worked in the label printing business for 30 years. After learning his trade at the Fleming Potter Company in the 1930's and 1940's, dad moved to Chicago to work at Fraser Label from 1949-1960.

In 1960, though, dad bought the seal press department from Fleming Potter in Peoria. That company changed its business philosophy to print more large, offset work, but maintained a relationship with Bernie as he continued to produce the same type of embossed seals he had made for so many years.

The small shop he rented housed equipment in just 1100 square feet. Over the first 11 years, dad grew the business twenty times over with the help of the whole family. In 1971, dad purchased the building we currently occupy and set about making 5,000 sq. feet as productive as possible. With the help of sons Bill and Bernie, Lasons Label strove to keep pace with the market. As a result, we started replacing the slower, outdated presses with ones which were five times faster. The most recent addition to the Lasons family of presses, a SHIKI, came in 1996, bringing our total to ten.

At 97 years old dad is still going strong. He is a great inspiration to all of us. In turn, we have always tried to follow the standards set by our dad: "Operate honestly and create the highest quality embossed labels possible at the most competitive price as possible."